The majority of the population in Sri Lanka seems to be migrating due to the unfavorable economic situation in the country. However, there is a possibility of facing huge issues if proper procedures are not followed for migration. Many agencies are providing the opportunities in return for an amount exceeding es. 10 lakhs. Despite these processes, it is possible to apply online and get careers abroad. You can find a job by only spending 2-3; lakhs with this method. Many people looking to migrate still follow old procedures and apply through agencies in our country although a large number of people in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India apply by themselves and get their careers. These are only the general procedures and there are special things to consider for certain countries. So we will present these specific factors for different countries in detail.


Rumania is well known for providing careers for Sri Lankans in the construction field. It is a European country and has been famous for its low living cost and attractive salaries. At the same time, many people are coming with the hope of migrating to other European countries. Therefore you can find huge job opportunities at Rumania. If you migrate to Romania there are a few things to be fulfilled.

You will need

  • Professional CV
  • E-mail send and receive
  • Knowledge of using WhatsApp and social media

What you have to do is to visit these websites and apply for the appropriate jobs for you.

  1.  Create a new account on the website
  2. Read the instructions and details for your interesting jobs in the jobs column carefully
  3. Fill out the forms provided to you and send it or send your details to


Australia is also a country to get an attractive salary and live a luxurious life. Having proper academic qualifications and economic stability are needed if you come to Australia for a job or residence. Most of the time jobs that can be found include professional types careers. It is important to select the most suitable VISA among several VISAs. Migrating to Australia illegally is only a waste of time and money.

The reason is you will not get the benefits that will be provided free and legally like health care and medical facilities which will result in poor life. Therefore it is always advised to migrate legally with the accepted procedures.

 A large number of candidates are selected due to the significant demand for workers during the present period in Australia. It is possible to get the jobs if you apply properly, Most popular website for this research is Jobbank. 65 marks are needed for Australia 

  1. Visitor VISA/ Tourist VISA

You can get this if you are going to invest in a business stream. However, it will be checked whether you have a higher investment capacity. In addition, you can get this by investing in a large company. A person living in Australia can use a family stream for providing visas for their relatives and friends. It is easier to get for family members.

2. Work VISA

It is difficult to get blue-collar jobs in Australia, unlike in middle east countries. If you have experience working in European countries it will be an advantage. Further degrees are also considered to get a job in a selected field.

3. Skill migration

You can apply for this by considering how relevant your skills are to the given terms. English speaking ability, educational qualifications, and previous visits to Australia will be considered in this category.

4. Student VISA

If it is impossible to get a permanent VISA student VISAs are always considered. However, the difference is you have to find the course fees by yourself and it will require a longer time work hard. 

Partner VISA this was a popular type of VISA once and used to provide a VISA for a partner if required.

5. Humanitarian VISA

This is used to get VISA legally by presenting reasonable justifications for those who migrate to Australia illegally. This is a much more complex and hard-to-get option.

6. Parent VISA

Parent VISA can be obtained for parents if their children live in Australia. Many people from Sri Lanka have received this VISA. There are two types of it namely contributory and noncontributory, It will take a longer time to get approval for a noncontributory VISA. Thus getting a contributory VISA is easier but you will have to pay an amount of nearly $43000.


Additionally investing VISA is available for people doing business. having done business for 24 months in Australia and a minimum of $300 000 annual revenue are required for this VISA.


Many people migrate to Canada for getting a  career while continuing their studies. A favorable environment and freedom are a few things that make Canada a better country for them. In April 2022 there was a loosening of restrictions for migrating to Canada and it has made it easy to come to Canada. At the same time, the duration of work permits has been increased to 3 years. You can earn at least 1000 dollars in Canada within a month and the salary can be even higher for more jobs.

Many people think that examinations are compulsory for migrating to Canada. But it is possible to migrate for even people without such complicated exams and skills. Canada has stopped allowing Indian workers to migrate there and as a result, there is a higher chance for Sri Lankans to go there. It has better careers in the the the the the the the IT field and further, there are vacancies for masons and welders.

There are several ways to migrate to Canada but the more convenient and accepted way is to get a job and migrate. The steps are listed in simple terms below.

  1. Getting a job (Online/Agency)
  2. getting a work permit and VISA
  3. Take actions to migrate

This is a method of getting a job first and then migrating to Canada. But there are many ways to visit Canada and we will discuss them in later articles.